A great meeting is when you get a lot done, no time is wasted, and people are clear about what’s next. Everyone leaves feeling heard and understood, with energy to get into action.

Yet how many meetings are great? In our experience, not as many as could be.

How effective is your group right now?

If you have an upcoming retreat, offsite, or other important meeting for your board, group, or team, and you have challenges like:

  • You need everyone on the same page, and they aren’t

  • You often revisit issues and spin your wheels as a group

  • You can’t afford to waste time when people are together

We can help.

Whether your meeting is one hour or multiple days, involving a small group or hundreds, we can help make your meeting a success.

If you want to get a lot done, have people know what to do next and feel they really matter, let’s talk.

I actually look forward to our working meetings with Trebuchet Group facilitation because I know we will be productive, effective, the best ideas will rise to the top, and we actually get things done!
— Executive Director, Regional botanical garden organization