We believe company values must be lived out to have real impact.
You can hold us to ours.

Be transparent and vulnerable

Each week we work on the important numbers for our business as a team. Our books are fully open - every person’s salary is a line item in the budget. No surprises.

In meetings, we admit when we’re stuck and need outside perspective to move forward. We give everyone permission to use the power of their vulnerability for the good of all.

Commit to better

We ask our clients to commit to drive positive change in their organizations, and make the same commitment ourselves.

We commit to reducing our energy use, riding our bikes, and revising those reports one more time so we can be the best team we can be.

Like Gandhi, we believe we must be the change we want to see in the world for the change to actually happen.

see the best

It’s human nature to judge ourselves by the best of our intentions, and others by the worst of their behaviors. By consciously looking for the best in each other, we bring out our strengths and increase our positive impact.

We look beyond the current challenges and stories our clients may be telling themselves and pursue what great could look like for everyone involved.

Embrace discomfort

Real, lasting growth requires discomfort. Facing our own shortcomings with honesty is not comfortable, yet improvement can’t happen without first having awareness of what could be better.

We challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones, engage in healthy conflict, and encourage clients to do the same.

Be brave and love

People are messy. And challenging. And often hard to love unconditionally with their limitations shouting at us.

As leaders, we feel called to be brave and love each other, our families, our clients, and people in our communities anyway. This shows up as mutual respect, using our voices even when we’d rather not, and taking time to listen and adapt to each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

It’s a tough job - and someone’s got to do it. Why? Because we believe everyone is worthy of love.

Stronger together

When we use our strengths to complement others’ limitations, and others do the same for us, we all get a bigger win.

Sometimes that’s partnering with clients. Sometimes that’s partnering inside our own team. And sometimes that’s finding people who can help our clients in ways we can’t.

Real teamwork creates a success greater than any one of us could do by ourselves.