In healthy teams, everyone pulls hard in the same direction, supports each other for the good of the whole, overcomes obstacles, bounces back from adversity, and gets results that make everyone proud. All the time.

How healthy is your team right now, and how healthy does your business need it to be?

If you need great results, yet you are facing challenges like:

  • Your team is operating in silos and not working like it could

  • Your meetings aren’t working because people look out for themselves first

  • Your employees make you responsible for problems rather than stepping forward to provide solutions

We can help.

Whether it’s a simple workshop on healthier conflict or an intensive 3-month team transformation effort, we can support you and your team to become healthier while you achieve greater results together. 

If you want people to step up so you get the best from everyone, and ensure the right people are in the right seats on the bus, let’s talk.

Six months after going through goal focused teambuilding, we were still waiting for the effects to wear off. Now that it has been a year, we are certain we would not have a business had we not done the work together with Trebuchet Group.
— Founder and CEO, Bicycle equipment manufacturer