Our three-step process is collaborative and open. We explore what’s possible together, and co-create project plans around your needs, time, and resources. We provide practical tools and help you and your team master them to get changes that stick. During our work, we check progress toward our shared goals regularly, and adjust as needed.

Our success is a byproduct of the success we create with our clients.
How about a conversation to see if working together makes sense?


Step 1 - Uncover possibilities

We start together with open conversations and questions around:

  • your current business situation

  • what great would look like

  • what is getting or could get in the way

  • what you’ve tried

  • why it matters.

Incorporating what we discover, we draft a project plan with options to achieve your desired outcomes within your budgets of time, energy, and funds. We finalize the plan together, then get to work!

Step 2 - equip your team


We start by custom-designing effective work sessions that build trust, increase healthy conflict, and create shared commitment and accountability to results.

To be effective and efficient, we call upon work you’ve already done with your team. We want to augment rather than replace what works for you.

As leader, you get personal support to optimize your impact during the project. You may decide to continue this support with executive leadership coaching.

For strategic and facilitation work, we combine both tools and methods that support individual and team learning with the goal of creating outcomes and positive change from within.

Where appropriate, we use third-party assessments to help you and your team evaluate your team health, your personal strengths, your motivators, your leadership behaviors, and even your conflict styles.


Step 3 - create lasting results

Your success is our success, and we work hard to ensure your organization has the ability to succeed long after the project is complete.

We provide resources for continuous improvement and document progress as we go so you are equipped to move into the future with confidence.

We believe reinforcement can turn great ideas into successful habits and lasting parts of your company culture. All our projects include recommendations on how you can continue to make progress yourself, and where our support could make a difference.