Want to, get to, choose to

"How often does your brain use 'should' when you are talking to yourself?"

When my coach, Traci, asked me this question, I decided to pay attention to my 'shoulds'.

"What do you think we should do this weekend?"

"What should I make for dinner?"

"What should I wear today?"

"What time should I get up in the morning?"

"Which event should I go to?" 

The answer was... often.

should def.png

 Back with Traci, I asked for a recommended substitute for should, need to, or have to.

She suggested three phrases to choose from:

  • want to

  • get to

  • choose to

I decided to try it out.

"What do you want to do this weekend?"

"What do I get to make for dinner?"

"Which event do I choose to go to?"

I noticed that I felt more positive and empowered when I substituted 'want to, get to, or choose to' for 'should.'

If you want to feel more positive, you may choose to give 'want to, get to, or choose to' a try.